Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The 2020 Presidential Election and Law School

The presidential election is coming up.  In only eight days, to be exact.  It's quite an interesting time for people not only in the United States, but around the world who are watching and taking notice of who will be in the white house for the next four years.  

For law students, the election may be quite a stressful time.  It's no secret that the United States is a pretty divided place.  And this may be the ugliest election in recent memory.  Nobody knows just how things will look in the next couple of weeks, and the excitement may make it so that your law school grades suffer.  I recommend making a plan to get yourself through these next few weeks, especially if you are easily given over to the political.

There are two candidates running for office.  One is the current president, Donald Trump.  I believe, despite the polls, that he will likely win this election (but I wouldn't necessarily bet money on it).  First, one big thing he has going for him is the fact that he is highly against shutting down the United States again.  While some may disagree with his reasoning, those in the business world do not want to lose their businesses due to being unable to open their doors.  While one could discuss the idea of business income versus lives, many are now used to COVID19 and have their opinion on the matter.  I have been lucky enough to do some traveling during the last couple of months, and I can tell you that COVID19 has caused many restaurants and other businesses to shut their doors.  For some families, this is completely devastating.  A lifetime of dreams crushed for something that many people don't really see.  

On the other side is Joe Biden, a man who would likely improve international relations and the United States' standing with the world.  He is said to bring about change, but his opponents say that he will just return the US to politics as usual.  

Donald Trump has already changed the world quite a bit.  He has recently confirmed another Supreme Court Justice and has made the world see the United States in a different light (although not as different as one would imagine--I have traveled to about 20 countries and lived in three since he has taken office and few people have said anything about him when I say I am an American).  

In the days leading up to the election, many students will put down their Torts and Property textbooks and constantly watch the news, reload BBC, or pay attention to the live updates about the election.  While this may be hard to resist, take a moment to take care of yourself and your mental health.  Take a break from the election and try to focus on your schoolwork.  You don't want to have to deal with the stress of the election and falling behind on your work to bring you down in the weeks after the results are in.  Being that the election is different this year, with many mail in ballots being counted, you may find that the results take a lot longer to tally up.  It could be weeks before the next president is known.  

There are many people who are almost literally holding their breath to find out who the next president will be.  In my own family, I have staunch defenders of Trump and angry Biden supporters who are neck-in-neck over who should win this election.  Frankly, I find myself not caring as much as some say I should.  Maybe it's due to being an expat at the moment.  I am largely removed from life in the US and with COVID raging, I have no idea when I will even be able to visit next.  Yet, even if I lived on US soil, I don't think that I could get into the madness and keep my own sanity.  Both sides want you to think that the world is going to go to hell no matter who wins or loses.  Your best bet is to focus on your own life, focus on your studies, and realize that, no matter the outcome, you are doing your best to succeed in becoming a great attorney.  


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