Let Me Write You Top Quality SEO-Optimized Ethical Content that Converts

Searching for a skilled content writer that can connect you with the world? 

Allow me to get you, your firm, or your business noticed with stunning, informative, engaging content creation that captivates your audience. My freelance writing services are tailored to help you increase your visibility and share what you have to offer.

I deliver top-quality writing that you will love

I write expertly researched articles, blog posts, guides, and about pages that showcase all that you have to offer. If you have something you want to say but are not sure exactly how to say it, let me help you. 

As a professional writer and content writer for over 10 years, I am known for crafting engaging content that tells the world what you want to say.

My freelance B2B writing will help you succeed

As you can see, this site has reached over 10 million views and is still growing strong. As one of the leading law school websites in the country, I have mastered the art of SEO content writing and creating a compelling site that continues to wow audiences around the world. 

There's no doubt that you also desire to create a product that stands out. My focus is creating winning content writing services that will connect you with your readers while also building trust in you or your brand. 

If you are looking for a writer for a single article or a writer that can help you over the long term, I am here to give you the assistance you need. The truth is, finding a top-tier writer is often difficult, and it's vital to know the writer's track record and background. 

I can: 

• Provide you with high-quality, original content, that is custom-tailored for your audience.

• Meticulously research facts and figures.

• Keep you updated with a quick turnaround time. 

• Help you sell your services, products, or expertise. 

• Writing created without A.I. / ChatGPT and absolutely no plagiarism 

Why now is the time to hire an experienced writer?

It's no secret that a business that gets ahead does so through its ability to communicate. In the business world, the written word is still king. Those who can clearly articulate what they have to offer to the world are those who will get ahead in business. 

You deserve a writer that can deliver something memorable to your audience. A writer that understands the importance of SEO, while also sounding human, is vital. 

As a lawyer, author, teacher, and business consultant, I understand what it takes to get noticed and sell. 

The writing services I offer include:

• Website growth through web content or blog posts that result in increased visitors.

• Article writing that showcases expertise in a specialized field, including law, education, technology, travel, or business. 

• An about page that articulates who you are and what you offer.

• A sales page or product description that wows your readers and entices them to purchase. 

• A property rental page or description that wows potential buyers and visitors (such as Airbnb and vacation rental pages). 

•Social media post text that creates a strong call to action.

•Editing and rewriting just about anything. 

• Something else? (contact me).

Simple freelance writing rates and prices

I provide simple, transparent, fixed-fee pricing upfront so you don't have to guess how much I will charge. My charges are straightforward and based on the length and complexity of the content that you want to be written.

Blog, Article, and About Me Page Fees

Flat rate of 5 cents per word

Social media post fees

Flat rate of 5 cents per word

Editing and rewriting fees

If you already have something written but want me to finetune it, edit, or otherwise rewrite it, I offer this at a discounted rate:

I charge a flat rate of 5 cents per word

• My pricing includes SEO-optimized content, research, and links where needed. 

• Two rounds of revisions are included free of charge. 

I offer communication throughout the writing process

I offer communication via email throughout the writing process and am available to speak via video/phone if desired. 

See more at https://www.etsy.com/listing/936272052/website-content-writing-service?click_key=10a7bd2780a746380d82f2bbeada202353229577%3A936272052&click_sum=b7d9e5dd&ref=shop_home_feat_2&frs=1

Contact me at mrmetropolitan@gmail.com for questions or to set up a consultation 

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