Help Support This Site: Please Donate Your Old Notes and Outlines!

Hello, and thank you for reading our website.  We are one of the largest outline and case briefs banks on the internet, however, we are always striving to do better.  Therefore, we are asking for help from  our readers.  As you all are aware, the end of the semester is coming up and with that, many of you are wrapping up your outlines.  As a result, I would like to ask anyone who is willing to donate to this site for a copy of your case briefs and notes/outlines from the semester. 

You can send any documents that you have to  We sincerely appreciate any and all documents that you send us. 

If you send us a copy of your outline(s), we can critique it free of charge if you would like.  Furthermore, as an extra big thank you, we will send you a free copy of our Ultimate Law School ebook to each person who sends us outlines and/or notes. 

Again, they do not have to be cleaned up.  We can take care of separating them and posting them here.  Furthermore, if you would like your name on the notes/outlines, let us know.  You can help with the development of this website for future generations of law students. 

Thank you again! 

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