Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ranson v Kitner case brief summary

Ranson v Kitner case brief summary
Appellate Court of Illinois, 1889

Case Facts---- Ranson believing it was a wolf shot and killed Kitner’s dog.

Procedural History--- Trial court jury awarded Kitner the value of the dog= $50.

Issue--- Can a defendant be liable for a wrong done even though they were acting in good faith?

Holding---- Affirmed the trial court’s decision.

Analysis---- They failed to show that an error had been made in the trial, and no prejudice on material errors. Possibility that it could have been a dog, and has to accept that mistake.

Judgment/ Resulting Rule--- Good faith does not matter when they made the mistake that resulted in the tort

*Difference Between Mistake and Accident:
-Mistake: an error, misconception or misunderstanding
-Accident: an unintended and unforeseen injurious occurrence

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