Sunday, April 14, 2013

In re Jordan Schiff case brief

In re Jordan Schiff case brief summary

The Hearing Panel of the Departmental Disciplinary Committee (New York) recommended a public censure of respondent attorney. Petitioner Departmental Disciplinary Committee for the First Judicial Department (committee) filed a motion to confirm the censure.

OVERVIEW: The attorney was unduly intimidating and abusive toward another attorney during a deposition. The attorney directed vulgar, obscene, and sexist epithets toward the attorney's anatomy and gender. The committee recommended public censure.

The court approved the committee's motion because: (1) the attorney had apologized by letter and in person at the disciplinary hearing to the attorney that he had insulted; (2) the attorney was young and inexperienced; (3) the trial judge had imposed monetary sanctions; and (4) the attorney was fired from the law firm at which he had been employed.

The court placed the attorney on notice that a repeat of that type of conduct would warrant a suspension from the practice of law.

OUTCOME: The court granted the committee's motion to confirm the hearing panel's report and recommendation that the attorney was to be publicly reprimanded.

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