Saturday, January 2, 2021

Write A Guest Post For a Top Ranked Law School Website

Are you looking to gain some experience writing and want to be published on a high ranking legal website?  We are currently looking for article submissions on a wide variety of topics relating to law school, the legal profession, and law in general.  If you have something you want to share, we welcome your submissions.

As a thank you, for every submission we will publish your name, any links to your websites, social media, and give you a copy of our two books: "From Law School to Lawyer" and "How to Win At Law School."  

You may be wondering:  What are some good topics to write about?

We look for any article that may be of interest to our readers.  Popular topics are:

•Dealing with depression in law school.
•Law school study habits.
•How to succeed in law school.
•Stories about your life in law school.
•Things you wish you new before going to law school.
•Job related posts.
•How to guides such as "how to get an internship or clerkship."
•Law school news.
•LSAT and Bar Exam topics.
•Things you wish you knew before law school.
•Favorite and least favorite things about law school.
•1L regrets
•We will also publish your case briefs with your name and web link(s) on them if you submit them to

Why should you consider writing an article for our site?

Writing and submitting articles that get published on reputable websites provides one with many benefits.  First, it's great for your portfolio.  For those who look to lateral outside of law to fields such as copywriting or content writing, having a list of articles published on high-traffic websites can give you much credibility in this competitive world.  

Writing skills are needed in almost every profession, but this is especially true of law.  If you are looking to increase your writing skills and gain exposure, then publishing on our website can help you develop your skills.  

Likewise, if you have aspirations of working in media (such as Above the Law), you will want to get as much exposure as possible. Many law school students have their own websites, and what better way to link to a website than to submit an article to ours.  

We have almost 10 million views, with students from every law school in the United States reading our content.  If you want to get your name out as well, submit your work to

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