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Six Things Every Law Student Should Have (Under $50) - Gifts for Law Students

What do you get for the law student in your life?  What are the best purchases you can make to improve life during this crazy period of legal education?  

Here are some of my top picks for the best items that every law student should have!

Many of these items are quality of life items that you may have never thought about buying.  Yet, once you see how much of a help these small items are, you are going to want to snatch some (or all) of these up right away!  

Foldable Book Stand

This Portable Book Stand may seem simple, but it is really a great thing to have as you study and take notes.  Think about it, if your book is flat, how much extra time are you spending looking down at your book and then typing?  With this book stand, you can also keep your eyes on the professor while having your cases displayed right in front of you.  It's better for your neck, as well.

When I was in law school, very few students had these stands, and I always wondered why.  This bookstand folds up very small and can slide right into your bag.  It unfolds quickly and easily, making it a breeze to set up in class so that your ready to go once the professor enters the room.  If you take notes from your books, this stand is definitely a must have!

What's the alternative?  Looking down at your book, bending your neck and causing unneeded neck strain?  Or, you can just look forward and see your book, your laptop screen, and professor all at the same time?  Honestly, this one is a total no-brainer!


These HEAROS Ultimate Softness Series Ear Plugs may seem unconventional, but they actually are quite a good thing to have.  First, they come in handy if you have a roommate and want some good quality sleep.  Second, they are great for focusing when you study in a noisy area.  I even found that being in the library can be distracting at times, and these little earplugs are great to have around.  

Perhaps where these earplugs really shine is during final exams.  If you can focus on your own final and ignore those around you, you are going to do better than you would if distracted.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a box of these.  They are a game-changer.

Sleeping Mask

Is getting a good night's sleep important to you?  It is for me, and this MZOO Sleep Eye Mask is a great tool to make sure that you get a fantastic night's worth of rest.  I found that once I used a sleep mask, I couldn't go back to sleeping without one.  It's well known that sleeping in complete darkness is far better than sleeping where light is present.  

This soft sleep mask provides comfort and blocks out the light so you can get a good night's rest.  That's so important in law school, as the quality of sleep that you get each night is going to affect how well you retain information and stay alert in class.   You can either get out of bed, feeling all groggy in the morning, stumble to class with a coffee in one hand, textbook in the other, and hope that somewhere during your Torts professor's long-winded presentation you happen to feel wide awake, or your can take matters into your own hands and say "you know what, I am going to make sure I get a better night's sleep."

Seriously, the sleeping mask is a total game changer.  Once you get used to it, you won't want to go back to sleeping with your eyes uncovered.

Wall Calendar

Law school is not the time to be disorganized.  While fumbling your way through life may have worked in undergrad, law school is loaded with important dates and events.  This large Wall Calendar by AT-A-GLANCE will help you organize important events so that you can be successful.

What I like about this wall calendar is that it is quite large.  You can't help but notice it if you hang it up in a spot that you often frequent.  It's a great addition to your study room.  The big square spaces give you ample room to write important notes for events such as exams, moot court dates, and law review deadlines.  Sure, you can write it all in a planner, but having a large wall calendar will get seen a lot more.

This is perhaps one of the biggest ways to get a leg up on your competition.  Disorganization is a real thing for many law students.  How many times do you notice your classmates not having read a certain text because they forgot.  That excuse doesn't work when the law teacher calls on a student, and even if the student looks like they got away with it, the teacher remembers.  If you want good letters of recommendation and a good relationship with your professor (as well as being ready for finals), being organized is an absolute must!

The easiest and cheapest way to get organized is to get a calendar that works for you.  A pocket calendar may cut it for some, but this is the real deal.  It's the ultimate calendar for the ultimate law school gunner.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Sleeping in is for Undergrad.  Seriously, now that you are a law school student, this is not the time to sleep through half your class.  

Do you have trouble waking up early?  This Wake Up Light Sunrise Alarm Clock  can help you with that. Not only is it a functional alarm clock, but the natural light helps one to wake up and start their day on a high note.  

Many health experts recommend not sleeping with your cellular phone, and this is very important in law school.  Having an alarm clock like this helps with getting a good night's sleep, and sleeping well gives you an easy and natural advantage over your competition.  

Natural Therapy Lamp

This Miroco Light Therapy Lamp is an amazing study friend if you live somewhere dark and dreary.  During winter, it can often be difficult for those in the Northern states to study as darkness comes sooner.  If you like natural light, this is perhaps the best way to get it.  

Many people suffer from winter depression and don't realize it.  One reason is due to the shorter days.  Natural feeling light helps people to feel energized.  Natural light is very helpful not only for mood, but for studying.  Illuminate your textbook and notes in natural feeling light with this light therapy lamp, which is small enough to take with you no mater where you go.


There you have it.  Six amazing gifts for the law student in your life.  Each item was handpicked as a way to make your law school experience even better.  

Have any other ideas for gifts that a law student may enjoy?  Did something change your life while in law school?  Share your ideas in the comments below and we may add some to this list!

Disclaimer:  The items shown contain affiliate links.  

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