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Dove v. Rose Acre Farms, Inc. case brief

Dove v. Rose Acre Farms, Inc. case brief summary
434 N.E.2d 931 (1982)

Appellant employee challenged a judgment of the Decatur Circuit Court (Indiana), in favor of appellee employer in a breach of contract action brought by the employee.

An employee attempted to earn a bonus from his employer pursuant to a bonus agreement between the parties. After the employer refused to pay the bonus, the employee brought an action against the employer. The trial court entered a judgment in favor of the employer, and the employee sought review.


  • The court affirmed, holding that the employee was not entitled to the bonus because he did not perform all of the obligations that were required by the bonus agreement. 
  • The employee demonstrated no fraud or bad faith on the part of the employer, and the employee knew of the rules for the bonus before agreeing to participate in the bonus plan. 
  • Finally, the doctrine of impossibility of performance was not available to the employee, because the employee brought the action, and a plaintiff was not entitled to raise impossibility of performance when bringing an action for damages.

The court affirmed the judgment in favor of the employer.

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