My Story - Law School, Top Grades, International Living, and Post-Law Teaching

The city where I attended and graduated from law school.
I am a 2013 graduate of a law school in New York City.  While I no longer practice law, I found law school to be intellectually challenging and rewarding in many ways.  During my first year of law school, I got very high grades and was well-liked by many of my law professors.  I spent much time researching how to do well in law school and focused my energy on getting top grades and transferring to a better law school.  I wrote a book about my time, which I titled "The Ultimate Law School Strategy Guide" (formerly: How to Win at Law School, Setting Goals for Law School Success).  This book has sold many copies and has helped law school students around the world.

I created this website during my second year of law school.  I wanted to create a place where students could get quality case briefs without having to put in hours upon hours of needless work.  I never imagined just how huge this site would become.  Many other law school websites started popping up during my time at law school, but I am convinced that this one is the best of the best.

After law school I took the New York bar exam, but moved to the west coast.  I did legal work in a large firm in New York for a while in law school and worked in government for King County in Seattle after giving the law a rest.  I enrolled at University of Southern California (USC) and attained a Master's Degree, using the same strategies that helped me in law school, to get all A's.   I ended up changing the focus of my career to teaching and writing and moved overseas.  I have since lived in Ukraine, Georgia (the country), and Egypt.  It's been a wild and amazing ride!

I still work on this website, as I see that thousands upon thousands of law school students from all over the world still rely on it for top-quality legal briefs and the articles that I pump out about the legal world.  This is my window into the legal world, if you will.  If anything, law school was worth it just so I can help you all out with this site.

I currently live in Kyiv, Ukraine.
I currently live in Eastern Europe and travel extensively (you can follow me on Instagram at infinite_voyage or on Twitter at MrMetropolitan).  My time in law school was rewarding and I think back to it often.  The legal world is often a strange, but exciting place.  I hope that you get some value out of this website.

Thank you very much for your support and for reading!

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