Sunday, May 18, 2014

Riggs v. Palmer case brief summary

Riggs v. Palmer case brief summary
A. Facts: young guy kills his grandfather in order to get his inheritance, now wants his inheritance; notes that will was duly executed, will laws say nothing about murder
B. Interpretive Arguments:
1. From Plaintiff:
a. The purpose of wills is for people to dispose of their property as they like, testator clearly expressed his desire to give P his property, no reason to undo that by P’s actions
2. Legislative Intent
a. Cannot be intent to benefit murderers
3. Statutory Purpose
a. Purpose of wills is to allow testator to dispose of property as they like → arguably he may not have here, since he could have changed his mind until he died naturally, but that was cut off by his being killed
b. Meant for the ‘orderly, peaceable, and just’ devolution of property – could not then contemplate such a disorderly situation → absurd results again

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