Saturday, August 3, 2019

News: No More JD Underground!

It seems that websites come and go these days, just like an old sandwich hidden in a rat's nest.  Speaking of rat's nests, one of the biggest rat's nests on the internet, JDUnderground, recently has closed down.

For those who were not aware, "JD Underground" was the place to go for lawyers who seemed to wash out of the legal profession.  Many were jaded, full of negativity, and had a regular disdain for everything in life.  It was not the kind of reading that a driven law school student or recent graduate should spend his/her time reading.

It is well known that attitude in life is what sets one up for life.  A positive attitude does much to bring positive results.  So, what do you expect when you spend your life on the internet crying about the state of the legal world, or sharing that you are "worthless" because you did not live up to your own or your parent's expectations?

It was time for JD Underground to go *poof* I think.  Don't you?  Sadly, the URL has been purchased by another individual and we may see the return of JDUnderground in some way, shape or form.  Some things just don't stay dead long enough, huh?

Oh well... life goes on!  And you don't have to get SUCKED INTO the negative madness.  Keep that mind sharp, and keep reading Law School Case Briefs for FREE law school briefs to help you find great success in law school!

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  1. Good riddance! I am glad to see these sites go the way of the dinosaur. They were depressing and did nobody any good. JDUnderground was a cesspool of the lowest order. I have noticed that it is still down and there is little chance of it coming back. I shudder when I think of the days when these types of sites were popular. A dark spot on the law school and legal education landscape for sure!

  2. It's nice to no longer see sites like Third Tier Reality linked to law school. It put a stain on the experience that is hard to erase. But it's gone, and hopefully Nando is doing something better with his life at this point. Same with J.D. Painter. That was depressing.


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