Sunday, January 13, 2019

Florida v. Harris case brief

    1. Florida v. Harris case brief summary

      1. A cop stopped Harris for an expired license plate. He noticed he was nervous and had an open beer can. He asked to search the car but Harris refused. So he walked the k9 dog around the car and the car started barking. He thought that gave him probable cause
      2. When he searched he didn’t find any of the dogs that Aldo was trained for but different drugs
      3. Want to rely on field testing rather than training experience to determine a dog’s reliability
        1. But field testings are not entirely accurate because a dog may have sniffed residue or the cop may not have found drugs
        2. If the state has produced proof from controlled settings that a dog performs reliably in detecting drugs, and the D has not contested that showing then the court should find probable cause
        3. Harris never challenged the aspects of his training

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