Sunday, November 29, 2015

Mathews v. New York Racing Association, Inc. case brief summary

Mathews v. New York Racing Association, Inc case brief
1961 SDNY  

Posture: Sued defendant’s for assault but lost; trying now to sue for false arrest. 
Facts: Defendants move for summary judgment on ground that a judgment in a prior action is res judicata as to this claim. Racing employs defendant, thoroughbred racing for security purposes. Plaintiff brings suit alleging that he was assaulted, kidnapped, falsely arrested, and falsely imprisoned by thoroughbred. Alleges that he was maliciously prosecuted and convicted in magistrate’s court. Sues defendants for money and an injunction to stop them from inferring with his attendance, publication of libel, and acting as peace officers. 

Reasoning: It is the facts surrounding the occurrence that operate to make the claim and not the legal theory that plaintiff puts forth. Only question is if the same bundle of facts are present here. Plaintiff tried the assault theory against them and now goes for false arrest. Uses the same exact factual statements from previous case to prove his case. Plaintiffs cannot be permitted to splinter their claims into a multiplicity of suits and try them piecemeal at convenience. Once plaintiff asserts operative facts with cause of action, he has his day in court. 

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