Friday, October 10, 2014

Whelan v. Van Natta case brief summary

Whelan v. Van Natta case brief summary

F: P came into D’s store, and made purchase. Then, P asked for a box that he went to the backroom with D’s consent to get a
box, and P was injured.
Ruled in favor of D

I: Whether P’s entering to the backroom after the purchase extends his status as a invitee or recategorize him as a licensee.

R: Visitor has the status of an invitee only while is on the part of the land to which his invitations extends. If the invitee goes outside of the area of his invitation, he becomes a trespasser or a licensee, depending upon with or without the consent of the possessor.

A: Backroom is not the extension of mutual benefit where P is treated as an invitee.  

C: affirmed

Co: if toilet is opne to public, it is invitee
If not, it is licensee

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