Friday, October 10, 2014

Deuser v. Vecera case brief summary

Deuser v. Vecera case brief summary

F: P was at a fair. He was grabbing women’s buttocks, which was not appreciated by the recipeitns. D, park rangers, gave warning to P and continued to monitor his behavior. Then, P was urinating in public, D arrested him. P continued to be argumentative with D, and rude to female visitors. They decided to turn P over to city police, however, they were unable to process P arrest due to an overwhelming workload. D and police released P away from the park so he would not return to the fair that evening. He was freed in somewhere in the city, with no money and no transportation. P then wandered onto highway and killed by a car. P was found to be drunk at that time. 

R: discretionary conduct of government agents acting w/in scope of their authority are protected by the discretionary function exception to the Federal Torts Claims Act.


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