Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kilbourn v. Henderson case brief summary

Kilbourn  v. Henderson
·         Case Facts: Employer’s health plan administrator overstated coverage avail. to an EE (∏), who incurred substantial medical bills on reliance of that coverage. Insurance co. (∆) refused to pay bills, citing the policy. EE sued ins. co. claiming that employer’s h.p.a. was agent for ins. co. and bound ins. co. by her statements.
·         Rule: Employer’s administration of a group insurance plan does not create an agency relationship between the employer and insurance co. 
·         Analysis: Employer is acting only for benefit of its EEs & the employer’s own benefit in promoting better relations btwn itself and its EEs.
o       Thus ins. co. not bound by employer’s h.p.a’s statements and ins. co. not responsible for the coverage.

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