Friday, May 23, 2014

Arizona Board of Regents v. Wilson case brief summary

Arizona Board of Regents v. Wilson
1.      Presents the question of what is the appropriate mechanism for art schools to decide who can be trained as an artist
2.      Admissions process had two components
a.       Rolling admissions
b.      Group of instructors look at the portfolio and decide on the candidate’s ability
3.      Wilson argued that the application process was not fair because there were no clear guidelines for the decision making process
a.       Trial court agreed
4.      Quote during the application process
a.       Wilson thinks her work is unique, different, and professional
b.      School thinks that her work is not going to get any better and is not good
5.      There is a question of quality
6.      The school is in a jam because they call her work professional and not harmonious with the attitudes of the art department
a.       This language is not clear and could mean that she is professional and could keep learning even if the school doesn’t like the quality of work
7.      Does it matter that there are no fixed standards for admission?
8.      Questions here are how to gauge what art is and who may create it
9.      How does the judge know that you can’t have standards for artwork?
10.  Aren’t there criteria that can be used to judge artwork?

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