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Abortion Legal Definition

Abortion - the premature termination of a pregnancy.

  • May either be spontaneous (such as by miscarriage) or induced.
  • A woman enjoys a constitutional right to an abortion during the first trimester of her pregnancy.
  • During a woman's second trimester, however, the state may regulate the abortion procedure.
  • During a woman's fourth trimester, the state may even proscribe abortion except where medically necessary to preserve the mother's health.
  • Course: Family Law, Healthcare Law, Criminal Law, Tort Law
Legal Cases with Abortion:

Broemmer v. Abortion Services of Phoenix case brief
Lifchez v. Hartigan case brief
Madsen v. Women’s Health Center, Inc. case brief
State v. Wickstrom case brief
Commonwealth v. Markum case brief

Planned Parenthood v. Casey case brief
Bellotti v. Baird case brief
Chen v. Gonzales case brief
Smith v. Cote case brief

Abortion Law: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion_law

Abortion law is the legislation and common law that pertains to the provision of abortion. Abortion has long been a controversial subject in many societies throughout history due to the moral, ethical, practical, and political power issues that surround it.

Abortion has been banned frequently and has otherwise limited by law. However, abortions continue to be common in many areas where they are illegal; abortion rates are similar in countries where the procedure is legal and in countries where it is not according to the World Health Organization (WHO), due to unavailability of modern contraceptives in areas where abortion is illegal.

The number of abortions worldwide is said to be currently declining due to increased access to contraception according to WHO. Almost 2/3 of the world's women currently reside in countries where abortion may be obtained on request for a broad range of social, economic or personal reasons. Abortion laws vary widely from country to country.

Currently, seven countries (in Latin America and Europe) ban the procedure entirely.

Broemmer v. Abortion Services of Phoenix
Broemmer v. Abortion Services of Phoenix
Broemmer v. Abortion Services of Phoenix
Broemmer v. Abortion Services of Phoenix

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