Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Odorizzi v. Bloomfield School District case brief

Odorizzi v. Bloomfield School District case brief summary
246 Cal.App.2d 123 (1966)

Plaintiff teacher appealed the judgment of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County (California), which dismissed the teacher's complaint that sought declaratory relief and rescission of an employment resignation allegedly submitted under undue influence.

The teacher contended that his resignation was invalid because obtained through duress, fraud, mistake, and undue influence and was given at a time when he lacked capacity to make a valid contract.


  • The court held that duress or menace was not pled because any damage to the teacher's reputation through the initiation of suspension and dismissal proceedings was incidental. 
  • The court also held that fraud was not pled because the teacher's complaint failed to assert the elements of knowledge of falsity, intent to induce reliance, and justifiable reliance. 
  • Furthermore, the court held that mistake was not plead because the complaint failed to disclose any facts that suggested consent was obtained through a mistake of fact or law. 
  • Finally, the court held that the pleading did set out a claim that the teacher's consent to the transaction had been obtained through the use of undue influence. 
  • According to the court, it was possible that the teacher's exhaustion and emotional turmoil wholly incapacitated him from exercising his judgment and that he was overly persuaded into signing his resignation document.
The court reversed the judgment of the trial court.

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