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Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. v. Scheider case brief

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc. v. Scheider case brief summary
360 N.E.2d 930 (1976)

Appellant actor sought review of a judgment entered by the Supreme Court, New York County (New York), which found in favor of respondent film studio in the film studio's action for breach of contract.

The film studio filed an action against the actor after the actor refused to report for filming of a television series that the actor had allegedly agreed to act in pursuant to an oral agreement. Following a bench trial, the trial court originally dismissed the complaint and the actor's counterclaim. The lower appellate court entered an order modifying the original judgment and directed the trial court to enter a new judgment in accordance with the modifications. The modifications dismissed the actor's statute of frauds defense, severed the counterclaim, reinstated the complaint, granted judgment to the film studio, and remanded to the trial court for a second trial as to damages.


  • On appeal, the court held that the findings of the trial court were beyond the scope of the court's review. 
  • The court reasoned that the findings, which were expressly approved and adopted by the lower appellate court, were supported by the evidence in the record. 
  • The court further found that the actor's objection to the lower appellate court's remand for a trial as to damages was without merit.

The court affirmed the judgment of the trial court in favor of the film studio.

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