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J. McIntyre Machinery, Ltd. v. Nicastro case brief

J. McIntyre Machinery, Ltd. v. Nicastro case brief summary
131 S.Ct. 2780 (2011)

Petitioner British manufacturer moved to dismiss respondent consumer's products-liability suit, arguing lack of personal jurisdiction. Under the "stream-of-commerce" doctrine, the Supreme Court of New Jersey held that the Fourteenth Amendment's Due Process Clause was not violated by the New Jersey court's exercise of jurisdiction. Certiorari was granted.


  • In products-liability cases, it was a defendant's purposeful availment that made jurisdiction consistent with traditional notions of fair play and substantial justice. 
  • The transmission of goods permitted the exercise of jurisdiction only where the defendant targeted the forum; generally, it was not enough that it might have predicted its goods would reach the forum State. 
  • The manufacturer directed marketing and sales efforts at the U.S., but the question was whether the New Jersey state court had the authority to exercise jurisdiction; thus, it was the manufacturer's purposeful contacts with New Jersey, not with the U.S., that alone were relevant. 
  • A distributor sold the products, the manufacturer's officials attended trade shows in several States but not in New Jersey, and up to four machines ended up in New Jersey. 
  • The manufacturer had no office in New Jersey; it neither paid taxes nor owned property there; and it neither advertised in, nor sent any employees to, the State. 
  • It did not have a single contact with New Jersey short of the product in question ending up in New Jersey. 
  • The Supreme Court of New Jersey's holding was error.

The Court reversed the Supreme Court of New Jersey's judgment finding personal jurisdiction over the manufacturer. 6-3 Decision; 1 Concurrence; 1 Dissent.

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