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Is it possible to get 180 on the LSAT?

How to get 180 on the LSAT.

Doing well on the LSAT can open doors for you at schools like Columbia Law School.

It is often asked if it is possible to score 180 on the LSAT.  Of course it is!  Many people are able to reach a score of 180 or close to it.  Of course, compared to those who hit 150-160, the number is still low. 

What does a high score on the LSAT do for you?

Well, first of all, a high score on the LSAT almost guarantees that you will go to one of the best law schools in the country.  Instead of having to worry about transferring up in the US News and World Report Rankings, you will be starting and ending at the same law school.  Many individuals start at a lower ranked school, such as a TTTT or TTT (third or fourth tier law school).  They work hard to get the top grades and transfer to a better ranked school.  A book, entitled "How to Win at Law School: Setting Goals for Law School Success" is an excellent book that discusses how to get the best grades and transfer to a better ranked school.

What is a third tier (TTT) or forth tier (TTTT) school?

A third tier/forth tier school are lower ranked schools.  These are not always "bad" schools, generally they are regional schools without a nationwide reach.  For example, a school such as Western New England University School of Law is considered a regional school.  It is a great school for Western Massachusetts, but if you are going to get a job in California with a degree from WNE you may want to reconsider.  If you are going to go to a TTT or TTTT, you may want to make sure that the school is near a location where you want to live.  Or, you may consider trying to get a high score on the LSAT instead.

"But I don't want to have to worry about transferring"

There is no doubt about it.  Transferring from one law school to another is a pain and a gamble.  You may not be able to get the top grades if you are not willing to really work for them.  You may already be moving for one school and don't want to move back.  Moving around from one law school to another is expensive.  Transferring law schools means more applications, more headaches.  Do you really want to have to get letters of recommendation during your first year of law school and worry about exams?  Instead, consider

A better LSAT score means better scholarships.

Law school is VERY expensive.  There is no reason why you should pay $10,000 to $20,000 extra a year if you don't have to.  Learning how to do well on the LSAT score and get into a top law school on the outset can help save you a LOT of money.  It is not impossible to do well on the LSAT.  Many people get median grades, but that's because most of your peers do not try very hard to do well on the LSAT.  In fact, many will read a book or two, do a couple of practice tests, and otherwise figure that they will get in wherever they are lucky enough to be accepted. 

That's an awful method for starting a legal career!  In fact, once you are in law school you are going to realize really fast that everything you do early on is very important.

A better law school means better job opportunities:  In today's economy, even top school's graduates are suffering!

A better law school means more respect:  people think highly of grads from schools like Harvard Law, Georgetown Law Center, NYU School of Law, Columbia Law School, and Stanford.  A law degree from Yale will set you apart from the pack for life.  But you will need to study hard for the LSAT in order to get into those schools. 

It is worth the extra effort to study for the LSAT in order to get into a school like Yale or Harvard Law.

Law school is a lot different than undergrad.  In fact, you are going to be up against the best and brightest in law school.  Your classes are ranked.  Your first internships and jobs are judged by future employees.  What you do during law school and before law school is very important.  You should consider taking the time and making the effort to do your best to get into the best law school that you can get into. 

One book that I highly recommend is located here.  I did not write this book myself, but I think it's one of the finest on the market.  I also like it because the price is low, but if you follow the instructions, you will do great on the LSAT and possibly save thousands of dollars.

Law schools are known to give great scholarships for people who get scores of 165-180.  Some schools will not only waive your entire tuition, but also provide you a living stipend if you succeed at the bar.  If you are considering a degree in law and a career in law, you should be preparing right now. 

Getting a score over 170 on the LSAT will set you apart from the rest.  And it is very possible to achieve.

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  1. I took the LSAT twice. The first time I thought I did good. In fact, I was sure of myself. However, when I got the score back it was a 159. I had taken practice test after practice test and consistently scored 165 and up. I was devastated.

    I now realize that I am going to be limited in what law school I enroll in. I thought I would be able to get into Fordham, but now don't even know if I can get into first tier schools. Should I bother retaking? Will high ranked schools consider me if I get a 165 but also have a 159? I want to do law school, but I don't want to just go to any school that will take me.


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