Saturday, May 5, 2012

Parliament v. Council (Mauritania Fisheries Agreement) case brief

Parliament v. Council (Mauritania Fisheries Agreement)
Consultation of Parliament, what constitutes an important budgetary implication?

-Parliament argues that in determining whether an agreement has important budgetary implications, criteria to be taken into account includes the fact that expenditure under agreement is spread out over several years.

-Modest annual expenditure may, over a number of years, be significant.

-Appropriations allocated to the external operations of the Community traditionally account for a marginal fraction of Community budget.

-Comparison of the expenditure under an agreement with the amount of the appropriations designed to finance the Community's external operations enables that agreement to be set in context of the budgetary outlay approved by the Community for its external policy.

-Here Parliament did not need to be asked to assent. Fisheries agreement here did not have important budgetary implications for Community. (barely more than 1% of whole of the payment appropriations allocated for external obligations by community).

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