Thursday, November 11, 2021

Five Things to Know When Filing for a Disability Claim

Good and bad things happen in life. Some have to deal with more bad than good, and disabled people are usually among them. They have to live a difficult life managing their routine, and managing expenses makes it even more difficult. However, the government takes care of its citizens and offers every Canadian citizen enough resources for bread and butter. 

You just have to prove that you are, in fact, disabled and you can’t work and earn for yourself. You will have to file a disability claim and you will start to get compensation if you qualify. Here I have discussed some important things you should know before you file for this claim to increase your chances of success. 

Hire a Lawyer

The entire process would get a lot easier if you hire a disability lawyer Toronto. It is understandable that a person who already can’t work will find it difficult to afford a lawyer. However, they don’t really charge as much as you might expect and many of them only take their fee when they get your compensation. 

They already understand the entire procedure and how they are going to evaluate your situation. Many people get their claims rejected, which would only make their lives more difficult. With the help of a lawyer, you will be prepared for everything that will come your way, and it’s unlikely that you will make any mistake to give them any reason to not accept your file. 

Are You Disabled Enough?

You should know if you are disabled enough to file this claim. There are many types of disabilities and the government can’t keep everyone. This is why there is a criterion for people who actually can’t work or earn money due to their condition. They become the government’s responsibility when they can’t take care of themselves. For example, if you are color blind, it doesn’t exactly stop you from most jobs. This is why you should ask yourself and check the criteria of eligibility for disability claims in Canada. 

Can You Work?

They are going to check if you can work or not. If you can, you might not pass their criteria. The disability doesn’t necessarily have to be permanent. You are eligible if it is getting in your way of work. You should be able to prove why you can’t work and how it has been affecting your life. Keep a track of the time how long you haven’t been able to work and how long is it going to continue. Make a solid case about your situation because there is a limited budget with many people trying to win money because they are lazy. 

Talk to Your Doctor First

It would really help if you can talk to your doctor before applying for a claim. It will help you understand your situation and describe it better. The doctor will also guide you if your disability would really be quality or not. This visit is important as you would learn a great deal about your disability and how long it is going to keep affecting your life if not forever. If it is ever going to improve or not or is it going to get worse. 

Prepare Yourself for the Interview

There is going to be an interview in which they will evaluate your condition. They will ask you some questions and discuss your plans. Remember, they can reject your claim and most people get rejected in this phase. If there is a serious condition like cancer or Alzheimer's, there is usually no need for this interview. However, conditions that are less apparent have to be scrutinized through interviews.

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