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7 Major Mistakes To Avoid If You Have Been Involved In A Car Accident

7 Major Mistakes To Avoid If You Have Been Involved In A Car Accident


You have just been in a car crash. Do you know what the important things you need to do after a car accident are? If yes, what about the things that you should never do after a car accident? Frankly speaking, most people don’t know.

When a car accident happens, there are certain things that you need to avoid. If these mistakes are not taken care of, they might further deteriorate the situation. If you have no idea about the mistakes you need to avoid after a car accident, you can ask a car accidents lawyer in NY, or read this article to enlighten yourself.

With that being said, this article will discuss the things you should avoid doing after being involved in a car accident.

What Not To Do After A Car Accident?

After finding yourself in a car accident, you are likely to be stressed, frazzled, and not thinking clearly. Yes, car accidents of any sort indeed result in traumatizing experiences. But you must keep a clear mind and avoid making these car accident aftermath mistakes.

Here are the mistakes that you should avoid after being involved in a car accident.

1. Waiting Too Long To Take Any Action

Most people take just too long to take relevant action after a car accident. If you wait too long to take any legal action, the court might not accept your case. There are legal deadlines in which you have to file a lawsuit regarding a particular event; these deadlines are called Statutes Of Limitations. It is the Statute Of Limitation that you need to act fast. 

Typically, a car crash victim has only two years in their hand to file a lawsuit. In addition, the deadline of the cases is different from state to state. We are not saying this just to overwhelm you but to notify you that your weight can affect the outcome of your case. And once the Statutes Of Limitation passes, you lose your right to file any legal claim.

2. Taking Any Injury Lightly

No matter how small or big injuries you have accrued in a car crash, taking them lightly will only harm you. When there are minor bruises or small scratches, a lot of victims start taking theory injuries lightly. And by the time they realize the severity of the damage, it is too late.

Underestimating your injuries can hurt you in the following ways:

  • Making it seem that you are not hurt will raise questions on your injury claims.
  • Neglecting your injuries will only make your wound severe, which will directly affect your health and increase medical bills.

3. Fail To Call Police

You are calling 911, and the other driver is stopping you so that you two can settle between yourself. Do not let the other driver talk you out of calling 911. Not calling the police is a severe mistake. And do not forget that if you are filing for insurance compensation, a police report holds quite the influence.

A police report is the first official document related to the accident. Hence, not acquiring one might change the course of the case. In addition, police officers secure the accident site and ensure no further accidents take place.

4. Giving Too Much Information To The Insurance Company

Do you think insurance companies are your friend and will do everything in your favor? If you feel that way, you're highly mistaken. Insurance adjusters are not on your side. They are in the market to make money and not friends. Hence, they will try their best to offer low settlement money.

If you find that any adjuster is too friendly with you, this only means that they are into you just to get important information that can be used to lower your settlement money. Hence, no matter what happens, do not disclose any important details to your insurance company.

5. Admitting Your Fault

We understand that you want to play the good guy and admit your fault to stop a small accident from becoming a huge mess. However, if you are one of these kinds of guys, stop admitting your fault. The sole reason is that once the case reaches the trial room, this very statement can be used against you, and you will end up losing your case.

Never apologize for an accident that isn’t your fault, and never admit to an accident even if it is your fault. Although these comments might seem harmless on the accident scene, they can be really brutal in the courtroom.

6. Neglecting To Gather Onsite Evidence

After the car accident, there could be a lot going on at the accident scene. And before you know it, the accident scene can disperse. Remember how we mentioned not taking action quickly can be a big mistake. Not collecting the evidence from the accident scene is the same.

Once you have called the police, instead of waiting for their arrival, you collect the evidence that can be used to build your case. For instance:

  • Get the contact information of any witnesses.
  • Collect the driver insurance of the other driver.
  • Take photos of the accident scene.
  • Finally, take the badge number of the police officer present at the accident scene.

7. Agreeing To A Quick Settlement

A quick settlement sounds right? There is no police and court involvement; just take the cheque and cover the first wave of your medical bills. However, have you ever thought of the losses you have been accruing due to work loss, extended rehabilitation, and other late surfacing injuries?

You will find that the insurance companies offer a settlement almost instantly to ensure that they do not have to pay the true value of your compensation claims. No, there is a possibility that although the offer seems fair for you, it might not even be close to what you actually deserve.

Final Mistake

The worst mistake you can make is not to call for a personal injury lawyer. Most people think that hiring a lawyer will cost a lot, so they try to handle their cases independently. However, they soon realize how big of a mistake they have made by not hiring a lawyer when offered low settlement money or going through the complex lawsuit process.

We would like to advise you that the first thing you must do after falling victim to a car accident is calling for New York Car Accident Lawyer. They will take over all the legal proceedings of the case and will help you recover from your injuries.

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