Friday, October 10, 2014

Wagon Mound No. 1 case brief summary

Wagon Mound No. 1 case brief summary

F: P operated a dock that was destroyed when the D’ boat dumped furnace oil that later caught fire. P prevailed at trial, and D appealed.
Unexpected ignition (similar as Polemis case)

I: Whether D could not reasonably foresee that oil spread thinly on the water would catch fire.

R: D is not liable for unforeseeable consequences of his neg. conduct, even though they were the direct result of D's conduct
Foreseeable that P will be injured; however, Unforeseeable oil ignite the fire. As a whole, unforeseeable

C: reversed (D is not liable) 

Co: different type of foreseeable that we can talk about Foreseeable is not unified.
Extent of injury is unforeseeable, no proximate causation

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