Friday, October 10, 2014

Deuser v. Vecera case brief summary

Deuser v. Vecera case brief summary

F: The Plaintiff was at a fair. He was grabbing women’s buttocks, which was not appreciated at all by the recipients. Defendants, park rangers, gave warning to the plaintiff and continued to monitor his behavior. Then, the plaintiff was urinating in public, the defendant arrested him. The plaintiff continued to be argumentative with the defendant, and rude to female visitors. They decided to turn the plaintiff over to city police, however, they were unable to process his arrest due to an overwhelming workload. The defendant and the police released him away from the park so he would not return to the fair that evening. He was freed in somewhere in the city, with no money and no transportation. The plaintiff then wandered onto the highway and was killed by a car. The plaintiff was found to be drunk at that time. 

R: discretionary conduct of government agents acting within the scope of their authority are protected by the discretionary function exception to the Federal Torts Claims Act.


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