Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pierce v. Society of Sisters case brief summary

Pierce v. Society of Sisters
Compulsory Education Act – no private schooling until high school (ages 8-16)
Also an anti-child labor measure so that people couldn’t keep their children out of school to work
What was at issue here was the private school’s right to make money running a private institution
Also, the right of religious schools to operate
Mention the children’s rights to influence the parents about what school they want to go to (seems superficial though)
Still a big chance from Meyer where the court didn’t mention the child at all
Does the child have the right to education?
No federal right to education
Give a lot of weight to the parent’s right to choose which education their child should have
Also give weight to the property right of private schools to conduct a school
Parents have the right to choose teachers and schools (an expansion of Meyer)

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