Monday, May 19, 2014

Eldredge v. Carpenters 46 Northern California Counties case brief summary

Eldredge v. Carpenters 46 Northern California Counties JATC (1981)
o    Issue was whether there was a violation of Rule 19?
o    Title VII suit alleging discrimination against women in hiring practice for apprenticeships
o    JATC organized the apprenticeship method
·         Employers chose apprentices from workers that have been referred by JATC
·         Employers had the ultimate decision about whether to hire the apprentices
o    District Court ruled that 4,500 employers must be joined as "indispensable parties" because it is the employers practices that are really at issue; when the Ps. could not join, since it was almost impossible, the district court dismissed the case
o    On appeal à Court reversed – the employers were not indispensable parties under Rule 19(b)
·         The trust fund agreement between the employers and JATC granted full authority to JATC to structure the apprenticeship program and to select the apprentices.
·         Thus, by contract, the employers had ceded to JATC whatever legally protectable interest they made have in selecting apprentices to be trained

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