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Young v. State case brief

Young v. State case brief summary
493 A.2d 352 (1985)

Defendant appealed from the judgment of the Court of Special Appeals (Maryland), which affirmed the judgments that found him guilty of attempted armed robbery and transporting a handgun.

Defendant was found guilty by a jury of two crimes: attempted robbery and transporting a handgun. He was sentenced to 20 years on the attempt conviction and to a consecutive 3 year sentence on the handgun conviction.


  • The court of special appeals affirmed the judgments in an unreported per curiam opinion. 
  • Upon defendant's petition the court ordered that the record and proceedings be certified to it, but the court limited its review to the sole question of whether the evidence was legally sufficient to prove that defendant had committed the crime of attempted armed robbery. 
  • The court affirmed the judgments, finding that there was sufficient evidence to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that defendant had the specific intent to commit armed robbery. 
  • The court found that defendant's acts of disguising himself, carrying a police scanner and a gun, opening the bank door, and then speeding away when confronted established the necessary overt acts towards the commission of the crime. 
  • The court also found that defendant's acts were more than mere preparation and were a substantial step in the furtherance of the crime.

The court affirmed the judgment, which affirmed the judgments that convicted defendant of attempted armed robbery and transportation of a handgun.

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