Sunday, November 3, 2013

Woodcock v. Parker case brief

Woodcock v. Parker case brief summary
30 Fed.Cas. 491 (1813)

Plaintiff brought suit for patent infringement against defendant for infringing on plaintiff's patent for a machine.

Plaintiff brought suit against defendant claiming defendant had infringed on plaintiff's patent for a machine, and defendant claimed as its defense that it was using the machine under a derivative title to the machine from the machine's first and original inventor.

  • The court instructed the jury that the first inventor to reduce a device to practice and have it patented is not liable to subsequent inventors for infringement. 
  • The court further instructed that if the plaintiff claims a patent for the entire machine, it must be a new mode, method, or application of the mechanism to produce a new effect or to produce an old effect in a new way. 
  • The jury returned a verdict for defendant.


Jury verdict for defendant in patent infringement claim.

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