Friday, November 15, 2013

People v. Anderson case brief

People v. Anderson case brief summary
50 P.3d 368 (2002)

Criminal defendant appealed from the order of the Court of Appeal, California, affirming his conviction for first degree murder.

Defendant was charged with kidnapping and murdering a woman in a camp area near Eureka, California. Defendant and others apparently suspected the victim of molesting two girls who resided in the camp. The father of one of the girls pleaded guilty to second degree murder and testified at defendant's trial. A jury convicted defendant of first degree murder and kidnapping. Defendant contended on appeal that the trial court erred in refusing to instruct the jury on duress as a defense to the murder charge.


  • The court of appeal concluded that duress was not a defense to first degree murder and affirmed the judgment. 
  • The state supreme court granted defendant's petition for review, but found no error. 
  • At most, duress could provide a defense to felony-murder, but those circumstances did not exist.


The judgment of the court of appeal was affirmed.

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