Sunday, November 10, 2013

Molinas v. National Basketball Association case brief

Molinas v. National Basketball Association case brief summary
190 F.Supp 241 (1961)

Plaintiff basketball player sued defendant basketball associations alleging that defendants entered into a conspiracy in restraint of trade violating the antitrust laws.

Plaintiff basketball player admitted that he received a few hundred dollars as a result of placing wagers and was indefinitely suspended from the league. Plaintiff sued defendant basketball associations alleging that they entered into a conspiracy with its member teams and others in restraint of trade, and thus violated the antitrust laws. Plaintiff alleged that the operation of the reserve clause was an unreasonable restraint of trade and that his suspension, and the subsequent refusal to reinstate him, was the result of a conspiracy.

  • The court found that plaintiff failed to establish a clear causal connection between the violations alleged and the injuries he allegedly suffered. 
  • Further, the court found that the refusal to reinstate plaintiff did not rise to the stature of a violation of the antitrust laws. Accordingly, plaintiff's complaint was dismissed.


Plaintiff basketball player did not present sufficient proof to make out a claim upon which relief could be granted; therefore, plaintiff's complaint was dismissed.

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