Thursday, May 23, 2013

State v. Hafle case brief

State v. Hafle case brief
367 N.E.2d 1226

CASE SYNOPSIS: Defendant sought review of a judgment from the lower court (Ohio), which convicted him of cruelty to animals in depriving cattle, sheep, and a horse of necessary sustenance in violation of Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 959.13 in the State's case against him.

FACTS: Defendant was convicted of cruelty to animals in depriving cattle, sheep, and a horse of necessary sustenance. Defendant appealed. In affirming the trial court's judgment, the court held that the trial court did not err. The court found that the trial court correctly denied defendant's motion to dismiss and determined that § 959.13(A) was not void or vague, was framed with reasonable certainty, and could be enforced without any difficulty. The court also found that defendant knowingly violated the law where he acted recklessly in neglecting his livestock. The court determined that the humane society representatives were granted permission to enter defendant's property and make observations and when they were asked to leave by defendant they did so. The court concluded that defendant was not denied his right to a speedy trial where part of the delay was attributable to his motion. The court noted that defendant was tried within the required time frame under the law. The court found that the defendant's animals were not taken from him improperly or illegally where Ohio Rev. Code Ann. § 1717.13 authorized the removal of animals under the conditions that defendant maintained them.

CONCLUSION: The court affirmed the trial court's judgment.

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