Sunday, April 14, 2013

In re Mustafa case brief

In re Mustafa case brief summary
631 A.2d 45 (D.C. 1993)

In this case, a report and a recommendation of the District of Columbia's Committee on Admission to the Bar was presented to the court for a determination of the applicant's bar application.

The applicant was co-chief justice of his law school's moot court program and shared access and control of the program's checking account.
During a five month period, the applicant converted some of the funds for personal use.
The applicant passed the Bar exam and was recommended for admission by the Committee despite his misconduct.
The court denied his application for admission to the DC bar.

The court stated that the bar applicant failed to establish the good moral character that was required for admission and stated that a short time had elapsed since he abused his position of trust.

The court had also stated that it appeared likely that the applicant would be able to establish the requisite good moral character at some future time.

The applicant's admission for the D.C. Bar was denied on grounds that he failed to establish the required good moral character.

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