Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fisher v. Jackson case brief

Fisher v. Jackson case brief summary

-Fisher was hired as a reporter by the defendant’s managing editor at a newspaper and was let go 5 years later.
-He got the job by responding to an advertisement by the newspaper looking for a
newsman – to which the plaintiff responded – he was interviewed and he took the
-This case is an employee's action against employer for breach of employment contract.
-The plaintiff (Fisher) alleged that the he was induced (by Jackson, the defendant) to give up his job and take a new job and in return he would have lifetime employment – not subject to termination. Fisher contends that he entered into the oral employment contract with Jackson and that he suffered a detriment by giving up his job.

Whether sufficient consideration was given on the part of the plaintiff that would make the employment contract binding?

HOLDING: It did not appear that employer had encouraged or induced employee to leave previous employment, employee's action in leaving previous employment was not sufficient consideration for an alleged contract of life employment.

The negotiations for the job amounted to nothing more than the hiring of a job that was permanent in the sense that it wasn't merely temporary.
-The hiring was indefinite as to time and terminable by either party at his will.

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