Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kirksey v. Kirksey case brief

Kirksey v. Kirksey case brief summary 

8 Ala. 131


-A brother-in-law, wrote to the widow of his brother, living sixty miles distant, that if she would come and see him, he would let her have a place to raise her family
-Shortly after, she broke up and removed to the residence of her brother-in-law, who for two years furnished her with a comfortable residence, and then required her to give it up.

The promise was a mere gratuity, and that an action would not lie for a violation of it.  

The inclination of my mind, is, that the loss and inconvenience, which the plaintiff sustained in breaking up, and moving to the defendant's, a distance of sixty miles, is a sufficient consideration to support the promise, to furnish her with a house, and land to cultivate, until she could raise her family.

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