Friday, October 19, 2012

Mercy Medical Center, Inc. v. Winnebago County case brief

Mercy Medical Center, Inc. v. Winnebago County case summary (*)
206 N.W.2d 198 (1973)

-A patient arrived at Mercy Medical Center suffering from a self-induced abortion which was incomplete.
-The patient received immediate hospitalization and care. 
-There was no previous authorization of the hospital service by the county, and a proper notice of the rendering of the service was given to the county by the hospital.
-The patient refused to cooperate with the county official that visited her in the hospital to gather information that was required by the county (a requirement of the county paying the bill).
-The county denied liability and was sued by the hospital after a judgement against the patient for a bill that was not paid.

Procedural History
-The hospital, appellant, seeks review of a Circuit Court judgment that was entered in favor of the County. 

-A county's liability for emergency relief under the statute was not excused when a person that otherwise met the requirements of the general relief statute refused to make an application.
-The court stated that the hospital's right to recover under the Wisconsin statute was not conditioned upon a recipient's subsequent action or inaction or even a refusal to apply for relief.

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