Friday, September 14, 2012

Stevenson v. State case brief

  • Stevenson v. State- ∆ kidnapped, raped, and held woman for a period of time. V bought poison pills and took them subsequently dying. ∆ was held liable for 2nd degree murder.
    • What is the relevance of being in his control?
      • She might by committing suicide be trying to prevent further harm, ∆ should be held liable.
      • If she commits suicide out of shame then that is her suicide and he is not liable.
        • WHY? If he caused it??? Take victim as (s)he is found, Stamp??? Would it be hard to prove?
        • What if ∆ was involved in a great deal of financial crimes… it is foreseeable that those effected would kill themselves b/c they lost all their money?? Should ∆ be liable? Not in criminal law…

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