Friday, September 14, 2012

State v. Toscano case brief

State v. Toscano- D was named in a suit that alleged conspiracy to defraud an insurance company by filing false claims. D alleges that he owed money and thus was forced, under the threat of death or harm to him and his wife, to comply with L.
  • Sup Ct of NJ is sympathetic to him is that right?
            • In Unger he had the remedy of telling the prison authority necessity b/c he is acting on his own behalf
            • In Toscano it is essential that for it to be duress the person putting you under duress asks you to commit the crime, acting on behalf of someone else
            • The fact that they could have reported incident doesn’t take away their claim
  • Immediacy- if it is not homicide that you are asked to commit then it comes down to a question of immediacy

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