Sunday, March 25, 2012

Edgewood Independent School District v. Kirby case brief

Edgewood Independent School District v. Kirby (1989)
Issue: Constitutionality of the Texas system for financing the education of public school children.

: Court held that Texas state financing system isn’t financially “efficient” and is therefore unconstitutional. The court reads “efficient” to mean “equitable.” Says “amount of money spent on a student’s education has a real and meaningful impact on the educational opportunity offered that student.” Looked at framers intent to say that framers did not intend to have a system w/such disparities.

States can exceed the rights the federal government gives you, but cannot give you fewer. So Texas can interpret its own constitution. But if a state affords you a right that isn’t recognized by the federal government, you can’t be assured that you have that right if you move to another state.

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