Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anderson v. Superior Court case brief

Anderson v. Superior Court (1947)

-D, Anderson, worked with a doctor who performed illegal abortions. 
-The defendant received a fee from the doctor for going around and referring the women who wanted abortion to this doctor. 
-Grand jury indicted the defendant for the conspiracy to commit illegal abortions and for substantive offenses of several abortions committed by the doctor. 
-The defendant argues that she can not be prosecuted for the substantive offenses.

-Can the defendant be charged with conspiracy to perform illegal abortions as well as for the other offenses charged?

-The defendant knew that the doctor was performing illegal abortions and she still decided to join him. 
-The court held that by joining the conspiracy, she became responsible for the substantive offenses committed as part of that conspiracy.

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  1. would anyone happen to know what citation number this case has?


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