Monday, January 2, 2023

How I Am On My Way to Making $1,000,000 on Etsy After Law School

Many people ask me what I did after law school. Strangely (or maybe not so strangely), I did not become a lawyer. Instead, I took a very non-traditional route that nobody expected. I became a digital nomad and began to leverage the skills and talents I learned in law school to make income. 

When I graduated the legal economy was a wreck. I had just found out my wife was pregnant. I found that the passion for law had vanished. My story was not a unique one. Many of my classmates were literally terrified of the job market. I am told that things are not so different even today. Yet, I didn't let that deter me. I knew that law school had given me a set of talents that were worth something. 

In New York, where I graduated, I worked for a variety of attorneys who were the creative types. I saw that many lawyers had some kind of hobby or side gig that was creative in nature. Some of those attorneys had done very well with it. I knew that many would-be lawyers were creative people. I had always been a very creative person, but I was a little too practical to go to art school. Yet, what was calling me was something more artistic. 

Therefore, I decided I would give Etsy a shot. Now, tons of people have given Etsy a shot, but I thought it was worth trying out. I jumped in and started selling soap that I was making in my small studio apartment in Washington Heights. After I sold a few bottles of Castile soap that we made in our blender I was thrilled. I was in business baby! It felt so good! 

Business didn't boom, however. I realized that making Castile soap in my sink in Washington Heights was not an easy endeavor. We had an apartment full of glass bottles and chemicals. It was like an industrial factory scene. I decided it was time to do something else. I looked for ideas and came up with pinback buttons. 

Pinback buttons looked fun to design and make, and they were. I designed about 30 templates and listed them all on Etsy. Sure enough, I started getting sales. Some people wanted one, and some people wanted a few. But it was when someone ordered 200 of them that my life really changed. 

I realized that maybe this could be more than a hobby. So I started making new designs and listing them. And the more I listed, the more I sold. It was like magic. I was selling hundreds of pinback buttons a week, and I was so busy making them and sending them out. 

I thought to myself, "this is too good to be true. Here I am in New York City, selling pinback buttons, and making my rent and enjoying life. Why should I even take the bar exam? Why should I bother becoming a lawyer? I am going to become rich with these little metal buttons..." 

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